Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I'm not ready for THIS!!!

I know, I know, this is crazy. Anyone in their right mind would be thrilled, actually, completely overjoyed and simply giddy. But...I'm not happy, not happy at all. Honestly, I desperately hope this is an enormous failure. I need time. I need to prepare. This is a big deal and I"M NOT READY FOR THIS!!!

Betsie, my heart, "Mommy's ittle pincess" as she says, my baby (and I mean 30 seconds counts!), got the big idea last night that she wanted to go POTTY! Come on, she's 2 years 3 months and 8 days, what is she thinking? Honestly, who does she think she is? So, I comply and put her on the potty just knowing in all my mommy wisdom and experience she's not ready and this will never work. Well, that little stinker teeteed in the potty! Okay, so beginners luck. It had to be all the attention. I mean she did have an audience of 4 all cheering  and clapping.  "Beginners luck" that's all it can be, right?

Well, big brother, Grant (remember 30 seconds counts) decides this looks pretty cool and he wants in on the action. Okay, I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer and he may be my one and only boy, but I know boys mature much slower than girls and I know he is for sure and for certain NOT ready! Besides, I have no idea how to potty train a boy. That's supposed to be Monty's job and he's out of commission right now recovering from back surgery! What in the world am I going to do? I have no idea what to do....well, you know!!! Now listen folks, I AM NOT HAPPY!!! This is not part of my plan and if you know me you know "my plan" is very important!!! That little booger gets up on that potty like he knows exactly what he's doing and proceeds to perform like he has years of experience.

Now, what's a mommy to do? I have twin babies (and yes, they will always and forever be babies even when they are 23, and I don't want any lip about it) and they are not ready for this. They are too young...NO, NO, NO, Mommy says, NO!!! (I'm jumping up and down now)

So now, guess what Betsie is begging for? "Go Waaamaaat get panties!" How dare she think she is calling the shots here. I am the mommy and I don't want to go to WaaaMaaat and get panties! But, what do I do?

Sooooo....we all load up and go to Waaamaaat to pick out big boy undies and big girl panties!

You cannot believe the excited squeals of shear joy when we get back home and they show Daddy their new treasures, "Pincess panties and Ooody undies!" 

Now, what choice do I have?

So today, June 8, 2010, we officially begin potty training. I am still not happy and I still hope for failure, but I suppose I'll be "the big girl"  and clap and cheer and dance and rejoice with every successful mission and wash and wash and wash every failed attempt. Because, I am the mommy and they are my babies.

edited to add: All is right with the world....Mommy still knows best!!! The babies decided it was entirely too much trouble to stop what they were doing to go potty. Potty time isn't nearly as exciting when playtime is interrupted.

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