Sunday, July 13, 2014

Playing In The Dirt

We got word this weekend that the wait is soon to be over! Yay!!! They are scheduled to beginning digging the footer early Monday morning. We are all so crazy excited!

Tonight, before all the crazy begins early tomorrow morning, we made a trip over to the lot.

We are all so excited about experiencing every aspect of them building "our new home" I thought it would be fun to let the kids collect a jar of dirt from right under the middle of where the house is soon to be sitting.

We chose the spot right under where the family room is going to be.

And each one of us took a turn collecting a scoop of dirt.

One "family jar" of dirt simply wasn't enough for Gracie Girl.

She insisted on collecting a little bottle of dirt all her own for her "special box."

We are so excited to finally be "home!" The opportunity to build this house is such a blessing. It is such a gift to our family and our sincere prayer is that it will be a haven to all who enter... beginning with the man who digs the first hole. Our prayer is that the builders will sense that something is very different about this house. After we collected the dirt we gathered around in prayer thanking God for this special opportunity and for each person involved in making it a reality.

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